Breastfeeding Academy

Science and Relations

The name we choose, Accademia Allattamento Scienza e Relazione (translated Breastfeeding Academy Science and Relations) highlights what is important for us.

We value Science, because it gives us knowledge.
Knowledge as the ability to unravel, research, imagine and find solutions.

But we never forget the importance of Relations, communication, connection, and interpersonal warmth, in breastfeeding, learning and any human activity.

This is the training we want to provide.

Based on scientific evidence and clinical experience, that brings new, practical tools that can be used in your daily practice to support breastfeeding families.

Training that will excite you as it excites us.

What we do

Advanced online courses in breastfeeding and lactation

We provide advanced courses that draw from in depth scientific research and solid clinical experience. Communicated in an easily understandable manner.
New course is available for enhancing one's competencies and for the IBCLC recertification, in different area of the IBLCE's Detailed Content Outline

Solution for the Health system

The training dedicated to the Health Care system, is based on the analysis of needs and evaluation of competences, and is implemented through flexible modular training units targeted to the specific need of each client.
Continuing education according to the WHO/UNICEF guidelines of the Baby Friendly Initiative (Italian only).

About us

Micaela Notarangelo and Chiara Toti

We are both IBCLCs and educators. We have been working together for many years both in clinical practice and in education
We are different in personality and in style, but these differences are complementary and together “we are more than the sum of the parts.”

We share the love for scientific accuracy, and attention to people. We love sharing our knowledge and experience, cumulated in our several years of research and work. We are dedicated to finding the most effective ways to transmit our passion.

For whom?


to stay up to date with new and emerging knowledge, to grow your breastfeeding support toolbox, to gain CERPs for recertification.


To stay up to date with new and emerging knowledge, to grow your breastfeeding support toolbox, to acquire tools for a positive change at your workplace.


To train and update breastfeeding support staff, to train and update in-house breastfeeding educators, to start the Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation or the re-accreditation process.


To grow your breastfeeding support toolbox, to stay up to date with new and emerging knowledge.


Manuela B.


“The added value is their ability to listen to the class and tailor the teaching to it. As a student you feel validated and embraced. This, in combination with their professional knowledge, makes the course uniquely effective.

Michela F.

Neonatal Nurse

"I attended your course "Feeding in children with cleft lip and palate" in May: your course changed us. It opened our eyes to new techniques, taught us how to observe and how to listen to the sound of swallowing, and to mothers' requests for help. You brought us the new updated scientific evidence, which convinced even the most skeptical to change course.

The course was two days but we didn't realize it, the course is really comprehensive, exhaustive, enlightening. Theoretical parts that are never heavy, alternates with practical experiences and clinical cases discussion, also integrating the different professionals’ point of view. The lecturers were excellent, well organized, clear in their exposition, empathetic and nonjudgmental, punctual with a practical approach that provided us with food for thoughts and allowed us to make changes in our daily practice."

Sara F.


“Very enriching and stimulating professional experience. I can apply what I learnt in my everyday work, and it has helped me offer more competent and up-to-date assistance to patients.” 

Franca A.


“Great knowledge and competence (both generic and specific). Great information useful to promote, protect and support breastfeeding and feeding with specific tools. Great listening and communication skills that help to create easy and effective relationships with students.”

Rita B.


“Chiara and Micaela are two super professionals in the field! Welcoming, knowledgeable, engaging and always available for discussion. Well done course, full of information and practical moments that help to understand the theory even better. Sharing information among the various professional roles is critical to good care. I thank them for their time and for all the availability offered”.

Emanuela N.


“Great field experience and expertise based on clinical cases and literature. They provided several insights to reflect on and work on in order to change the modus operandi in the wards. They have been welcoming from our first minutes together”.

Federica P.


“Very positive experience! Both professionals are very knowledgeable and empathic.” 

Marta F.


“The course was enlightening. It opened up new possibilities and new competencies in my specific field, and I was reminded that you never stop learning!